Lets start with why you should know how to do this?

Your reserve should be repacked AT LEAST EVERY SIX MONTHS

Most reserves fail due to poor installations and lack of attention.

We show you how to install and repack your reserve at our workshops under supervision. We go through the full check with you that we do as licensed BHPA repackers.

This does not include Rogallos!

There is a maximum of 2 people (£160 per person) on the course and we spend all day going through the reserve, folding techniques, inspection, deployment and you get to repack your own reserve under supervision.

The course is for 2 people…coffee tea and biccy’s included. Free bands and use of our equipment. any spares you need are on hand too!

Your reserve is certified and you will get a certificate of repacking on the day (this doesnt qualify you as a BHPA repacker) that you can use for any SIV course or as part of your annual inspection service