Book in your Harness & Reserve

Book in your Reserve Only

Book in a Rogallo (Beamer etc)

Lets start with why you should repack your reserve every 6 months?

Its just good practice and the manufacturers all recomend it. Once a year isnt enough.

At Ginger Nomad we’re licensed BHPA qualified repackers, we do a full inspection and that takes over 24 hours!! We could talk for hours why this is done but we’d rather explain it to you over the phone or when we meet you or you phone to book in. we can normally turn your reserve repack around in days.

Coming Shortly will be a 6 monthly reminder to pack your reserve and also a reminder to book your reserve in with us! – watch this space.

Our club was started to not only facilitate repacks but educate too. We’ll repack it with you!!…if you want. Certificated of course! Join our repack course

Joining our club costs £60, gives you a yearly free inspection & repack…whether under supervision or at our repack centre. As an extra bonus we give you free shipping for the year on anything from our website. (we give you a code)

Have the security and knowledge your reserve and last chance is done properly by people who are qualified.

All brands and models!