Sol KUAT Two Tandem LTF/EN B


Sol KUAT two Tandem LTF/EN B
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Sol KUAT two Tandem LTF/EN B
The KUAT TWO is a completely new project, easy to fly with a simple handling, a notable performance gain and an innovative design.
This glider is directed to professional tandem pilots as for licensed leisure pilots, too, who fly for fun with friends and family, enjoying the pure pleasure of flying.
Offered in two sizes, the KUAT ONE is a LTF/EN B Tandem-class wing and requires the experience of qualified pilots for this purpose.
It´s efficiency and accuracy are similar to a modern B class glider, offering highest performance in even small thermals.
The perfect balance between easy handling and great performance.

Kuat One Features:

Easy handling at take-off / piloting / landing;
More precise and more compact construction with 5 cells more;
More compact AR real x projected;
3 risers and 15% less lines;
BT – Battens Technology;
Increased speed and glide gain of 1.0
Flight Characteristics

Its higher aspect ratio allows a more precise piloting both to active pilots who like to use the body, as well as to passive pilots who prefer to act using the brakes. This characteristic allows a great performance in weak and strong thermals, while stability is maintained.
Long and tolerating brake length;
Excellent and precise handling;
High internal pressure;
Stability in full speed;
Light reactions in extreme conditions;
Good passive safety;
Excellent take off characteristics, even in nil wind;
Comfortable piloting;
Good behaviour in thermals.

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