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The KANGAROO FOUR is the evolution for the Kangaroo series that innovated in the concept of tandem wings.
Its predecessors are symbols of tandem wings with performance and features beyond those found in the market, that established world records and memorable flights.

After 2 years of tests, many prototypes and several hours flying, we present the KANGAROO FOUR that innovates in performance and construction of tandem gliders.


  • Flexible battens;
  • Mini-Ribs;
  • Vectran® ULTIMATE lines;
  • 65 cells;
  • Hybrid fabrics;
  • 6,25 real A/R;
  • 4,61 projected  A/R.


Tests Results EAPR TC (trimmer closed)  TO (trimmer open)

Certification :  PROTOCOLO UN

The Project


The KANGAROO FOUR requires experienced and qualified tandem pilots. The performance and handling of the KANGAROO FOUR make the key difference between the tandem paragliders.

The efficiency is similar to a high performance paraglider. Its maneuverability allows to climb even in the smallest and weakest thermals. It is an excellent compromise between ease of use and performance to conquer great flights.

Flight Characteristics

The increase of aspect ratio allows a precise pilotage for active pilots that like to apply bodyshift, as well as for passive pilots who prefer to act more on the brakes. This characteristic allows great efficiency in weak and strong thermals, always maintining its shape solid and stable.

  • Progressive brakes;
  • Precise and comfortable pilotage;
  • High Internal Pressure (PBP);
  • Stability in maximum speed (PBP);
  • High passive safety;
  • Excellent take-off, even without wind;
  • Great efficiency in thermals and transitions.

Construction Characteristics

The KANGAROO FOUR has a sofisticated construction for its category:

  •  65 cells, 12 being closed;
  • Diagonal bands (A, B, C e D) in all cells;
  • Central Diagonal Double V-Tabs (DVT);
  • Mini-Ribs;
  • Flexible battens (BT technology);
  • New line layout, with consumption reduction of 15%;
  • System of direct connection to the brake lines;
  • PBP – Pressure Booster Profile: New profile design that maintains form and pressure and increases performance in the whole speed range;
  • Trimmers for acceleration;
  • Big ear risers.

The materials used were carefully chosen, which guarantees a superior durability and high level of safety.

Design and Construction

The KANGAROO FOUR uses a new profile that has been fully developed on the simulator. The result is stability combined with performance.

The layout is progressive and moderrn, an elaborated construction of 65 cells and a bigger projected aspect ratio in relation to its predecessor. This allows to use the broad spectrum of the profile without prescinding from the safety and excellent controllability of the project.

More efficient and sophisticated calculations were used with the result of a very clean and extremely smooth canopy. Diagonal bands in all cells reduce the quantity of lines and optimise the control precision.

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