Skywalk Arak


With the ARAK, Skywalk launches a third series in the intermediate class. This glider will thrill you with its playful character and easy-to-handle performance. From beginner to professional, from hike & fly enthusiast to adventurer – the ARAK is your reliable companion for every need!

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Have you always wanted to fly a paraglider that fulfills your every need? ARAK is your first choice!
Our third model in the intermediate class cuts through traditional categories and combines everything you want from a paraglider. The ARAK stands for easy handling, rich performance and, above all: lots of fun.
These features make the ARAK a true all-rounder and the perfect companion for your next adventure!

Design: Because we already offer two distinctive intermediates with our TEQUILA and CHILI, we broke new ground in terms of the ARAK’s development. Its moderate aspect ratio and line concept share the straightforwardness of the TEQUILA series. Its performance-oriented profile in combination with the cell count and other built-in technologies minimizes drag and offers you nearly the performance of the CHILI series.

With innovative 32-gram material for top and bottom sails and 38-gram material for the leading edge, as well as our very kink insensitive Rigid Foil, the ARAK can be compressed super small and packed into any hike & fly rucksack. Yet it is sturdy enough to handling lengthy ground handling sessions or playful flying in the dunes.

Characteristics: The ARAK offers plenty of comfort due to its smoothness and its easy handling. The glider provides great feedback, creating confidence from the start, so you can focus on the essentials even in the most challenging conditions. This compact Intermediate wing allows playful and precise adjustment of your bank angle so you can optimize your position for every situation. From weak to shredded thermals.

Its direct handling makes the ARAK a blast to fly compared to other intermediates. Anyone who has always wanted to fly high wingover will find the ideal training tool in the ARAK. The ARAK’s performance potential is enormous and easy to exploit thanks to its simplicity.

That means no limits to your flying horizon. Whether you’re an XC pilot, a globetrotter or an adventurer, with the ARAK you will always have a reliable partner at your side!



Canopy cloth

Upper surface: Porcher Skytex 38g / Dominico Dokdo 32g

Lower surface: Dominico Dokdo 32g

Ribs and Bands: Dominico Dokdo 32g hard


Upper: Liros DC 60

Middle: Liros PPSLS 125

Main: Liros PPSLS 180/125

Brake: Liros DFLP 200/32; Liros PPSLS 125/65; Liros DC60



Area flat (m²)21,423,324,826,428,6
Area projected (m²)18,320,021,322,624,5
Wingspan flat (m)10,7511,2211,5811,9412,42
Wingspan projected (m)8,608,989,269,559,93
Aspect ratio flat5,405,405,405,405,40
Aspect ratio projected4,034,034,034,034,03
min. profile depth (cm)5861636567
max. profile depth (cm)242253261269280
Glider weight (kg)4,14,34,54,75,0
Certified weight range (kg)50 – 7565 – 8575 – 9585 – 10595 – 120
Extended weight range (kg)75 – 8085 – 9095 – 100105 – 110120 – 125



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