SkyBean Universal Chase Cam

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Universal ChaseCam is designed to hold any action camera in reasonable weight range, which is 40-150 g.

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Universal ChaseCam is designed to record awesome footage of your flights from third person view. It’s not an unique product anymore, but it is still an original one, the first of a kind using “shuttlecock” shape. Several clones, which have shown up recently, just proved that this is the right way of paragliding chasecam evolution. Universal ChaseCam is designed to hold any action camera in reasonable weight range (40-150g).

  • Universal chasecam has flat base plate, where you can mount holder of your camera. There are also several holes for security line, because holder adhesive don’t have to be 100% reliable.
  • Auto balance hanging system stabilize chasecam in perfect horizontal position in whole range of flight speed and wide range of camera weight. You don’t need to labor which hanging point is the best for your setup.
  • Flexible bungee rope not only makes footage from chasecam more smooth, it also works as security element. Rarely (every) chasecam can tangle around wing lines, mostly after massive collapse. Fact, that bungee rope then won’t affect lines geometry due to its flexibility is not just comfortable feature, it is essential for your security!
  • Bungee rope has system for quick adjustable length in wide range, so it is suitable for tandem wings as well as for speed glides.
  • PPG pilots will also appreciate another advantage of flexible connection. During landing, when chasecam motion decelerates, bungee rope is getting shorter and therefore chasecam will avoid contact with revolving prop. Of course, properly set line length should be obvious.
  • Another safety feature, particularly made for proximity speed and PPG flying, is little metal ring, which works as tension fuse. If pilot sharply turn around static obstacle, there is always possibility that chasecam can tangle or stuck there. Tension fuse will open and pilot can safely continue!
  • We also took SkyBean to SIV and tested most of non standard situations, like a/symmetric collapses, spiral dives, wingovers and even fullstall. Once paraglider has forward speed, drag produced by chasecam will keep it in save distance.

Physical parameters:

  • weight 140 g (without camera)
  • dimensions 22×24 cm assembled
  • bungee rope length 6m

Package contains:

  • universal platform for camera
  • 8 wings with binding lines
  • bungee rope
  • 2 tension fuse rings
  • user guide
  • sticker

Additional information

Weight.150 kg


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