Nervures Plum 2 Reserve Parachute


PLUM Reserves Parachutes

Following our researches on the Skytex 27 with Porcher Sport we contributed to develop, with the same team of engineers, an ultra light fabric dedicated specifically for reserve parachutes. This material associates very high lightness with extremely high resistance to tear required to pass the stringent certification tests (EN 12491).

PLUM Reserve Parachute is certified in 4 sizes:

Not only is the PLUM ultra light but it also pack extremely well, therefore, we have designed a range of specific ultra light front mounted containers to reduce to the maximum the presence of the reserve on your harness.

We bring to your attention the fact that due to its compactness the parachute might need to be adapted to your harness container. We advise you to contact the harness manufacturer.

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Technical dataSMLtandem
Max in flight weight (kg)8095115210
Weight inc. lines and risers(kg)0.9831.1971.3692.700
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PLUM 2 Reserve Parachutes

PLUM 2 is new rescue generation that synthesizers the latest studies on newly developed shapes and experience from our ultralight PLUM rescue.

The result is a compact, lightweight product with excellent performance, with an excellent ratio price /quality.

Triangular shape, this relief offers an excellent descent rate. The special cut of the panels offers a large bearing surface close to a square parachute offering this excellent sink rate.

Its simultaneously extremely stable in pitch and self stabilising thanks to its triangular design and its specific lines scheme.
Its very fast deployment doesn’t lead to back fly thanks to its symmetrical architecture.

Lightweight, compact, accessible for all pilots this rescue is also easy to fold.
The lines scheme is designed to avoid tie and facilitate deployment, all high quality materials are made in Europe.

Technical dataSMLBi
Min. | Max. load (kg)45 | 9050 | 11070 | 130110 | 220
Weight inc. lines and risers(kg)0.951.11.252.25
Area (m²)2630.535.763.9
Sinkrate max load (m/s)5.395.075.475.35
Container size (cm)22x19x8.524×19.5×9.525x20x1029x24x14
System length (m)


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Weight1.3690 kg

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