Nervures Fusion 2 Harness Modular


Fusion 2 Harness

This is the ideal harness for the paraglider who has several forms of discipline (Mountain Flying, Cross Country, Bivouac, and Tandem Flight) and who wish to adapt without compromise of their harness for each of these practices.

The harness is modular and you add Items as required – Flown by Ginge, ring him and ask him about it! – +44 (0)7966 229963


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Fusion 2 Harness

This is the ideal harness for the paraglider who has several forms of discipline (Mountain Flying, Cross Country, Bivouac, and Tandem Flight) and who wish to adapt without compromise of their harness for each of these practices.

Released in 2016, the Fusion 2 includes improvements made following the feedback from our customers;

The FUSION 2 is equipped as standard:

– Automatic buckles, ventral and thighs,

– A zipped side pocket with a tie to secure a valuable item,

– Ball bearing pulleys for the speed bar

– The back pocket has been resized to easily accommodate a carry bag.

Recumbent position

Pilots who love the recumbent or semi-recumbent flight can install the foot block. They will be able to precisely adjust the different angles and tensions at the crucial points to adapt the harness to their needs. In this configuration the harness is usable with or without a board. The sensations are different: the presence of the board affects the transmission and reactivity of the wing to the supports. Each pilot will choose positions according to their flying style.

3 available sizes: S, M and L


This is the highlight of the harness.

Fusion and Fusion 2 have been designed to be used alone or with one of the accessories described below.

All accessories are compatible with FUSION first version and FUSION 2

The modules (except the cocoon) are of one size and fit on a S M or L. harness

Basic element

The basic element consists of the bare harness + 2 removable accessories, the footrest and the carbon plate.

The Fusion / Fusion 2 harness is usable with or without seat. It is equipped with a small dorsal foam section contained in its housing and of an appropriate density which gives the backrest comfort. All settings can be changed in flight: leg-straps, ventral, depth, angulation and shoulders.

The harness has an excellent weight / comfort ratio.

Weight (footrest and seat included): 1400 g

Weight of the seat board: 122 g

Foot rest weight: 126 g

Pod Accessory

The Cocoon has an integrated rescue container (attached to the main carabiners) and includes a Velcro holder instrument.

This accessory consists of 2 parts:

– A single-sized back pocket (274g) with a 12cm (540g) pocket,

– A leg-cover part (or speed-bag) available in 3 sizes.

  • Small (155 / 175cm for 60 / 80kg) 476g;
  • Medium (170 / 185cm for 65 / 85kg) 486g;
  • Large (180 / 195cm for 70 / 100kg) 496g.

The back section must first be installed on the harness (basic element) via a zip.

The cocoon attaches (and removes) very easily on this section.

The back pocket can also be used without the cocoon; we then obtain a “classic” harness with storage pocket in the back and protection by air-bag; this variant advantageously replaces the Bivouac Container accessory.

Cocoon weight + back pocket + protection: 1300 g in M ​​(274 + 486 + 540g)

Accessory Bag reversible

Integral Airbag

The harness can be equipped with a reversible airbag.
It completely zips on the back of the harness and the attachment of the full airbag is excellent.
The bag of a large volume easily accommodates a standard Wing size L or a small Tandem.
The comfort is very good, provided by a tunnel back pad and a wide padded ventral sections.

The bag has a mesh pocket, a zipped pocket on the chest and compression straps.

Weight bag airbag: 1284 g

Accessory container flight bivouac

The fans of bivouac flight seek lightness of the material and a balance which is excellent even with heavy loads. They generally do not orient themselves towards a reversible airbag bag, the carriage of which deteriorates when one approaches the 20 kg. We have equipped the harness with a bellows in which we can place the backpack, this assists in the comfort.

The Bivouac Flight accessory consists of an ultra-lightweight 3-compartment dorsal container that is fully zipped on the harness.

The volume of the compartments makes it possible to store all the equipment of bivouac, which is normally heavier and compact under the seat, leaving the harness light and roomy at the top. The central pocket is of a smaller capacity will store the precious items to which pilots need to have quick access. A pocket for the water supply and a pipette loop allow rehydration in flight.

Bivouac container weight: 319 g

The Reversible air bag passenger bag accessory Tandem In tandem it is great to protect the passenger. An integral airbag may be ineffective, especially if flying with flexible spacers (the pilot partially deflates the airbag).A foam insert is heavier and bulky.

Our accessory airbag zips completely in the harness and thus offers excellent performance. In the case of a hiking flight, the high reversible small volume pouch allows the passenger to wear his harness and some personal effects (clothing, snacks, helmet, and water). This accessory makes it the tandem passenger harness the lightest protection available on the market.

Airbag weight: 950 g

Additional information

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Pod Size

Small (155 / 175cm for 60 / 80kg) 476g, Medium (170 / 185cm for 65 / 85kg) 486g, Large (180 / 195cm for 70 / 100kg) 496g, Not Required

Bivi Container

required, not required


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