Finsterwalder Pin Lock Carabier/ Pair

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Drop-forged Titanal paragliding carabiner with Quickpin lock mechanism.

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The ultimate paragliding carabiner forged from titanal alloy.

Comparable to conventional paraglider carabiners, suitable for all harnesses and paragliders.

Easy and practical locking system, actuated by gravity. Average value of fatigue endurance Fo 425 kg. Paragliding carabiners in use are loaded and unloaded varyingly – depending on pilot weight and flying conditions this load can lie between 10 and 110 kg and more.

The Pin Lock carabiner eradicates fears of failure due to material fatigue through loading and unloading. For conventional carabiners in the area of gate play average values of fatigue endurance of only 45-90 kg have been found.

The quickpin is self locking. Separated strap chambers prevent shunt loading. There are two safety steps preventing unintentional opening: the pressing of the release button and the pulling of the pin in the opposite direction.

Breaking load 2500 kg but only 80g weight. That means a possible weight saving of 100-120 g compared to equivalent steel carabiners on the harness.

Weight: 80g

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