BGD Magic EN A


A safe, fun and capable wing to learn on…and keep progressing on, long after flying school.

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A safe, fun and capable wing to learn on … and keep progressing on, long after flying school.The Magic takes safety and performance to whole new levels, in a colourful and fun-to-fly package. It’s easy to launch, a joy to thermal and exceptionally roll stable, helping students avoid unintentional side-to-side oscillations.The Magic lightens the workload of learning to fly without reducing the fun: great BGD handling and quick responses ensure it’s always a joy. It has good pitch stability, gently biting forward into lift and reacting very nicely in thermals.Robust and durable materials mean it can cope with the rigours of training, but modern materials manage this without making it heavy – the M size is 4.9kg.



If you fly already, you’ll know it – that feeling. The first time your feet leave the ground, the thrill of gliding through the air extinguishing any clammy pre-launch nerves. The pure joy of free flight!

The feeling grows, flight after flight, spilling over like Grimm’s Magic Porridge Pot, never running out. The Magic is the perfect partner, from a pilot’s first fly-downs until they are confidently soaring, thermalling and exploring. EN/LTF-A security keeps them safe while BGD handling and solid performance encourage confident progression.

The Magic is a wing for pilots to train on, and to keep progressing on long after their school days are behind them.

Magic InternalsMaterials
Top surface : Porcher Skytex 38/m²
Bottom surface : Porcher Ezzyfly 32 g/m²
Internal Structure :Porcher Skytex Hard 40g/m²
Nose reinforcing : Plastic wire 2,4mm
Risers : 20mm Kevlar/Nylon webbing
Top lines : Edelrid 8000U
Middle lines : Edelrid 8000U
Lower lines : Liros TSL
Brakes : Liros DSL



Linear scaling factor0.90.9611.041.08
Projected area (m²)17.819.521.222.924.6
Flat area (m²)2123252729
Glider weight (kg)
Total line length (m)202222241260280
Height (m)
Number of main lines (A/B/C)3/4/3
Flat aspect ratio4.7
Projected aspect ratio3.5
Root chord (m)
Flat span (m)10.110.510.911.411.8
Projected span (m)
Trim speed (km/h)38
Top speed (km/h)50
Min sink (m/s)1
Best glide9
EN weight range (kg)50-7060-8075-9588-108100-125



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