Austria Alpin Rocket Alloy Carabiner


Paragliding carabiner for ultralight harnesses with narrow straps.

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AustriAlpin Rocket Alloy Paragliding Carabiner (karabiner)

Patented Paragliding Carabiner for the latest generation of ultralight harnesses with narrow straps. The D-Form of the carabiner ensures that the carabiner is weighted lengthwise, thus preventing possible cross-loading. The Autolock gate was developed intentionally for air sports, allowing for easy clipping and preventing vibrational loads, and the recessed button gate release prevents unwanted opening.

• D- form for ideal lengthwise positioning of straps
• Intentionally small autolock gate perfectly copes with oscillating or vibrational loads
• 2-way automatic slide-autolock for easy clipping in and out of straps
• Compatible with AustriAlpin Tanga, which keeps the carabiner in place

Inspect regularly. Service life 5 years or 1500 hours flying, then replace.

Anodised finish available in blue or red.

Carabiners are sold individually,  remember to order 2 if you want a pair!

Colours: blue or red

Length: 98mm – Width 62mm – Weight: 65g

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