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Spread your wings like a bird, step lightly into the air and simply fly away: the ALPHA 7 is your perfect partner for making this a reality. Latest technology combined with the highest quality materials ensure your pleasure and safety while you learn, and for long afterwards. Maximum flying fun guaranteed.
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ALPHA 7, the entry level paraglider, refined to perfection.

The new ALPHA 7 is ready. Its predecessor has been one of the most successful beginner paragliders of all time. As a result, many of pilots and flying instructors hoped for as few alterations as possible; others suggested definite ideas for improvements—all in all a demanding starting position for our development team. For this reason the ALPHA 6 consistently remained the benchmark during the exhaustive development process.

We set the bar high, and required that the ALPHA 7 show improvement in several areas and should guarantee to score better or at least as well as the ALPHA 6 in all evaluation criteria. It should represent an even better, rounded package, so that the flying instructor spends a stress-free day at the training field, and his/her students have even more fun in the air.

Easy: Lift off with ease

The ALPHA 7 benefits from a simple lining design, with few support points and lines. This simple array is easy to see and quick to sort. The ALPHA 7 is straightforward to takeoff and fly. Weight is minimal, achieved by a sophisticated internal structure and state-of-the-art construction materials.

Safe: Flying safely

Innovative design technology gives the ALPHA 7 plenty of safety reserves. High internal wing pressure is maintained by the combination of an “Air Scoop” leading edge and the traditional ADVANCE semi-circular air intakes. This feature ­gives the ALPHA 7 a very low stall point and unmistakably clear and progressive brake loading. The pilot gains a significant safety plus from these handling advances.

Sustainable: Having fun

The ALPHA 7 was not just designed for learning; it is especially suitable for what comes after. It’s intended for pilots who appreciate a lot of safety when combined with notable performance. Through its modern design technology – including “3D-Shaping” at the leading edge and an intricate diagonal rib concept – it demonstrates a very respectable performance level among A-Class wings.



Safer with a deeper airflow breakaway point
Modern “Air Scoop Technology’ at the leading edge applies to the ALPHA 7. Combined with the typical ADVANCE semi-circular intakes this feature results in a significantly lower separation point with clearly progressive brake loading.


ADVANCE QUALITY LIGHTBUILD: The low weight of the ALPHA 7 is primarily achieved by its sophisticated and carefully designed internal structure. Because the outer surfaces are still made of robust 40/38 gm cloth the light weight has no effect on the glider’s long life expectancy. The fabric used for the the ALPHA 7 is exclusively high quality cloth from Porcher Sports, the well-know European manufacturer.


Big Ear system with “Quick Snap”

BIG EAR SYSTEM WITH “QUICK SNAP”: Big ears made easy. The ALPHA 7 outer A-line has its own easily reachable riser, making it easy to pull effective big ears. Taking off with both A-risers in hand is also simplified by the “Quick-Snap” magnet system which holds them together on the ground. Line sorting remains child’s play. After pull up the risers separate and take up their flying position.


“Easy Connect System” for safer hook in

“EASY CONNECT SYSTEM” FOR SAFER HOOK IN:The ALPHA 7 risers have a “Easy Connect System”, which helps the pilot hook in correctly by using a coloured marking system. This reduces the probability of the beginner connecting a twisted riser, or attaching the risers to the wrong carabiners. For maximum compatibility among ADVANCE products the same coloured markings are applied to all ADVANCE harness suspension points.

Technical data

RTW¹ (kg)50-7060-8070-9585-110100-130
ITW² (kg)70-8580-9595-110110-125130-145
Flat surface (m2)
Proj. surface (m2)19.220.822.424.427.4
Glider weight (kg)
Span (m)10.410.811.311.812.5
Proj. span (m)
Aspect ratio4.
Proj. aspect ratio3.
Max. chord (m)2.662.772.893.023.19
Number of cells3838383838
Number of risers3+13+13+13+13+1

¹ RTW: Recommended takeoff weight, in kilograms.
² ITW: Increased takeoff weight, in kilograms.

Freeflight weight ranges

The ALPHA 7 is available in five sizes 22, 24, 26, 28 and 31 and, like its predecessor, each size of the ALPHA 7 has an extended weight range of 15 kg. This increases the range of use in schools. The glider can also be flown in a dynamic range within the LTF/EN A classification, e.g. for acro beginners who want to get an early start on basic manoeuvres.

Advance ALPHA 7 freeflight weight ranges


Standard colours: Royal, Spectra, Fire, Grey, Sangria.

Advance ALPHA 7 colours



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